High Praise: How Franco Stoned Himself Out of The Oscars

Posted on February 28, 2011
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For good.

This might seem extreme but I am certainly not alone in these sentiments.

Last night as James Franco sashayed onto the Academy Awards stage holding his iPhone4, videoing everything, like a pompus prick, you could just tell where this was going.

Before the show I even noted that there is a strong possibility that Franco could bomb.

He did.

Venom, and vitriol poured out over the internet following the show. Critics of film and tv alike spewed paragraph after paragraph about the horrid performance of the hosts.

Much more directed at Franco than Hathaway.

There has been plenty of comments on the way Franco looked on stage, his nonchalant approach with lack of feeling or emotion. Franco seemed content standing there next to the alarmingly more pale than usual Hathaway, with his dumb smile and glazed over eyes.

See where I’m getting at?


Maybe Franco forget he was hosting and decided to reenact his role as Saul Silver from “Pineapple Express.”

He even posted live pictures of himself with Oprah backstage and this guy looked high as a kite.

Everyone wants to talk about how Ricky Gervais won’t allowed to be back to host the Golden Globes, how about this.

James Franco may never be allowed to come back to the Oscars…EVER AGAIN.

His antics and piss-poor hosting duties rivaled that of David Letterman from 1995. Franco is damn lucky to have had Hathaway there as a crutch otherwise I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Academy pulled an Apollo Theater and booed his ass off stage.

Franco may have actually ostracized himself from the Academy yesterday, seemingly worse than Christopher Nolan the way he was snubbed.

Way to go, not only have you not made any significant movies thus far in your career but you have gone and made a fool of yourself infront of millions of people.

For the sake of the Academy, the respect of the actors in the room and the people who watch the show, Franco needs to issue an apology and then take a long look at himself in the mirror, and re-evaluate his attitude towards this business.

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