Hans Zimmer Talks About the Music and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on August 1, 2012
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Hans Zimmer is Midas.

When he is called upon to provide a sonic backdrop to any film, he usually turns it into to gold. That is certainly the case again with his score of The Dark Knight Rises, which really added to the film. In fact, Zimmer, while not formally a cast member, his music plays just as big of a role of making the film great as Christian Bale or Tom Hardy.

Here is a great video featuring composer Hans Zimmer and supervising sound editor/sound designer Richard King discussing the sound of the film.

Take a peak into the mind of Hans Zimmer after the jump!

Zimmer discusses everything from the chants in Bane’s pit, to his processes of writing the actual music on his computer.

Meanwhile, King talks about something everyone has been talking about for months, Bane’s voice!

Take a gander at the video, this is truly incredible stuff.

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