Machete Kills Adds Vanessa Hudgens

Posted on August 1, 2012
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Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills is racking up an impressive body count of actors.  The cast so far includes Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Alexa Vega, Lady Gaga, William Sadler and Charlie Sheen.  And now Machete adds one more.

Former Disney channel star and pop singer Vanessa Hudgens has joined the cast.  She’s set to play a character called Cereza.  For you Spanish speakers, that’s the word for cherry.  The High School Musical actress got her start in television sitcoms but has chosen increasingly more mature roles with this, Sucker Punch, and the upcoming Spring Breakers.

Rodriguez is no stranger to casting actors looking to shake the restraints of their TV image.  In 1996’s From Dusk Till Dawn, he cast George Clooney as a bank robber on the lam who escapes to Mexico to pay off a local kingpin.  From there, Clooney went on to Batman and started his collaboration with Steven Soderbergh.

If the casting for this film stays on pace, expect that list actors to keep growing even days from the film’s release.

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