Jay Roach Interested In Austin Powers 4 If Mike Myers Still Is

Posted on August 6, 2012
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I can see the tagline now:

“I’m back baby, yeah…”

When he wasn’t making Austin Powers movies, Mike Myers was making Shrek movies.  When he wasn’t making Shrek movies, Mike Myers hasn’t been making much of anything.

That may soon change.  No, the Canadian funny man isn’t gearing up to make the long-awaited sequel to So I Married An Axe Murderer.  But he may be returning to the world where people shag, things are groovy, and the members are gold.

Jay Roach, director of the Austin Powers trilogy and the upcoming comedy The Campaign, has been fielding questions regarding the series and if audiences might see another adventure involving Austin Danger Powers.

Roach told Moviehole this:

“We’ve talked to Mike about it a few times”, Roach said. “I know it got a little more traction a few months ago but that’s happened from time to time over the years. And we’ve always said if we could find the right thing that makes it earn its way back, we’ll both jump in.”

“It’s driven by Mike because it’s his baby.”

“He really gave me the break of a lifetime drafting me into directing it, so whatever he wants, I’m there to help him figure it out.”

The Austin Powers films were fun, but they got loftier and more self-referencial as the films progressed.  They were at their best when they hit that midpoint between parody and comedy.  If Myers could get a good hook for the storyline on this Bond-inspired series, then there is a chance it could be good.  Verne Troyer should be available, too.

It’s undoubtable the film will make money.  It’s a brand, after all.

Just no time travel in this one, please.

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