Paramount Green-lights Sacha Baron Cohen’s 007 Spoof

Posted on August 7, 2012
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The names Borat, Sagdiyev Borat.

Always looking to branch out, Sacha Baron Cohen can now add 007 to his list of projects. Well, not James Bond exactly, stranger things have happened.  He did just work with Martin Scorcese.  No, he is actually developing his own brand of a James Bond spoof.

The Dictator star has just gotten the green-light from the studio.  And on the very same day we heard about a possible fourth Austin Powers film.

Hit the jump for details on Double-O-Brüno’s new film.

James Bond has always had his impersonators.  Some have done it brilliantly.  The Indiana Jones series was partially birthed out of Spielberg’s lust to direct a Bond film and were influenced heavily by them.  Some did it rather blatantly, drawing too heavily on Bond conventions as xXx with Vin Diesel did

Some of the most fun takes have been from films that lampoon the franchise.  Austin Powers did it hilariously and Johnny English has done it twice with charm and a lot of laughs. Hell, Bond writers Neil Purvis and Robert Wade wrote the first Johnny English film.

Now Baron Cohen puts his leg in the ring.  The Hollywood Reporter  has confirmed that Paramount has acquired a pitch by Baron Cohen and his writing parter Phil Johnston about a James Bond-like spy who “is forced to go on the run with his long-lost brother, a moronic soccer hooligan.”

It’s not yet certain if the Borat actor will star in the film or if he is simply penning the script at this point.  That will depend on scheduling and his availability.

Phil Johnston has recently written the Ed Helms comedy Cedar Rapids and the forthcoming Wreck-It-Ralph for Disney.

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