Ellis Sounds Off on Twitter About Christian Grey Casting Rumors

Posted on August 8, 2012
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Bret Easton Ellis may not be writing the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, but he sure has a lot left to say about the project.

One day after tweeting that he was out of the running to pen the film, Ellis criticized rumors of Matt Bomer, an openly gay actor, playing Christian Grey, the catalyst of the sexually-driven story.

Hit the jump to read Ellis’ Twitter rant.

Here’s what the author, whose works include American Psycho and The Rules of Attraction, had to say on the possibility of Bomer as Christian Grey [NOTE: Ellis’ many tweets have been condensed]:

“Okay. Let’s finalize this. Matt Bomer is totally hot and a very good actor. He is NOT right for Christian Grey and it complicates the role…I don’t care how good an actor you are but being married to another man complicates things for playing CG…Matt Bomer is NOT about discrimination. It’s about an intensely straight actor wanting absolutely to screw Ana Steele…the most popular book on the planet having Matt Bomer–a gay actor–play Christian Grey is absolutely ludicrous. Why?”

And Ellis was only getting started.

“Jesus, the homophobia over Matt Bomer not being Christian Grey is so unsettling and aesthetically retarded. He’s NOT right for Christian G. Okay I’ll say it. Matt Bomer isn’t right for Christian Grey because he is openly gay. He’s great for other roles but this is too big a game. And I think if Matt Bomer wants the role which I doubt the international press tour will be an embarrassing fiasco. He’s not CG. Never…I am NOT discriminating Matt Bomer because of his sexuality. Fifty Shades of Grey demands an actor that is genuinely into women. Get it?!?”

Again, the outspoken author wasn’t finished:

“I actually think it’s cool that women want Matt Bomer as Christian Grey. It means that we’ve moved beyond stereotypes and that gay is hot… I think Matt Bomer is incredibly handsome and a good actor but I think he comes off totally gay in White Collar…And that is why no to CG… Look, all actors are GAY: they put on make up and pretend to be someone else. That’s just a fact. Rock and roll. Deal with it. Scientology? Would anyone watch Brokeback Mountain if it stayed true to the original story where both characters are hideously ugly? No. Homo beauty WIN? Hollywood is the most homophobic place in the entire world…Final word: there is no way in hell that the makers of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ will hire an openly gay actor to play Christian Grey. Period.”

When the dust finally settled, Ellis tweeted that his ideal casting choice for Christian Grey would be adult film actor James Deen, who plays a character named Christian in the Ellis-penned The Canyons, which also stars Lindsay Lohan.

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