David Duchovny’s Game For Another X-Files Movie

Posted on August 10, 2012
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Fox, on the other hand, might need some convincing.

The last movie in the series, X-Files: I Want to Believe, was a critical and commercial failure grossing only $20 million domestically and $47 million overseas.  It was released in the wake of The Dark Knight and with its modest budget, it did not fare well against the competition.

Still, I liked the movie and the characters are still good enough to engage an audience.  It posed questions about morality and faith that were weighty and thought-provoking. Duchovny left the series in its seventh season, presumably to go on to bigger and better things.  He reprised his role in the finale and came back for the 2008 film.

Read on to see what the X-Files star thinks about a third movie.

Duchovny told Collider the reason he thinks the movie didn’t perform:

Unfortunately, with the last one, they didn’t spend the money to compete in a summer fashion, and they brought it out in the summer. It should be a summer film. It should be an action film. But, the last one we made was not. The last one we made was a dark, contemplative, small $25 million film. It was basically an independent film. When you come out against Batman, it’s not going to happen. You’re not going to be sold as an independent film, and you’re not going to compete against Batman with $25 million.

The Californication star on the possibility of another go-around:

One of the greatnesses of the show was its open-endedness. It was about possibility. It wasn’t about closure. It just couldn’t be. There is no such thing as that story ever ending. Those characters are forever searching. That’s what they do. Even if we’re not watching them, they’re out there, in some dimension. Mulder and Scully are still doing their thing ‘cause that’s their nature.

It’s strange that Fox wouldn’t want to do another film.  It’s a brand and it’s something that has an audience, although they didn’t show up for the last film.  Most fans were disappointed that the film didn’t feature alien mythology.

That isn’t scaring Duchovny off:

I would love to do another film, or more. I think we’re all game for it. I know I’m kind of perplexed that Fox isn’t more [enthusiastic]. Here’s a homegrown property that you don’t have to go buy, like fuckin’ Green Lantern or something, to make it. Here you’ve got an actual action franchise that’s your own. It’s weird to me, but I’m not an executive. I don’t know if they made the Green Lantern either, but I’m just using that as an example of, “Why make that film? Why not make a homegrown franchise that is excellent, and that has proven to be excellent and interesting?” I don’t get it, but that’s not my business.

If they can do it for an affordable budget and release it at the appropriate time of the year, the movie can be successful.  I didn’t have a problem with the episodic nature of the movie because, after all, it was a television show.  If it makes the fans happier, make the movie about aliens.  Just make a good movie.

One of the jarring things about the last film that couldn’t have helped the release was that it was the blinding heat of the summer, and the characters onscreen are running around digging through the snow.  Consider that when you choose the release date next time.

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