Jack Ryan Gets A New Wife

Posted on August 10, 2012
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Jack Ryan has been played onscreen by three actors: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck.

Maybe following Indiana Jones with Daredevil wasn’t the best choice.

Paramount is mounting their cast for the reboot Jack Ryan, the second reboot of the franchise that started in 1990 with The Hunt For Red October.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh (Thor), the film follows a pre-CIA Jack Ryan who fights a financial mastermind attempting to destroy the US financial system.  Branah will also portray the villain and Chris Pine (Star Trek) will play Ryan.

Until now, actresses have been making the rounds for the role of Ryan’s wife.  Now it appears he has one.

Hit the jump to see who’s landed the coveted role.

Academy Award-nominee Keira Knightley has officially entered into negotiations to star in the project.  Knightley was the first actress considered for the film, and after weeks of auditioning other actresses, Branagh offered her the role.  The other two actresses at the top of the list were Like Crazy‘s Felicity Jones and Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly.  (I know, Kate could’ve been his wife. Stay with me.)

It’s not clear whether her character will have an American accent or an English accent, but if I’m not mistaken Mrs. Jack Ryan has been an American in every carnation, including the books.

The production has been troubled since jump.  With rewrites and budget issues, this should be a sign that things are coming to fruition.  As of now, the film won’t start shooting until Pine is finished filming the Star Trek sequel.  The writer of merit now is David Koepp, juggling the duty of satisfying all parties concerned.

The role of Jack Ryan’s wife comes with an option for two more pictures if this one proves to be a winner.

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