Tom Hanks to Produce Movie About the JFK Assassination

Posted on August 17, 2012
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History buff Tom Hanks is set to take on JFK.

Since I was 11-years old, I’ve had a morbid fascination with the JFK assassination and the conspiracy theories that spiraled from it. News comes today that Tom Hanks will produce a film about it titled Parkland.  Needless to say, the project excites me.

Hanks himself has a penchant of producing historical dramas that have proven to be awesome.  He produced From the Earth to the Moon, and with his Saving Private Ryan director Steven Spielberg he made the captivating one-two punch Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Read on for more on the ambitious project.

Parkland Memorial was the hospital where President Kennedy, his purported assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, and, in turn, his killer Jack Ruby were pronounced dead.  Variety reports the film is said to examine “the events leading up to JFK’s assassination and Abraham Zapruder’s famous documentation of the event.”

The film will be an ensemble character piece shown through the eyes of “an FBI agent, a young doctor, a reporter, several Secret Service agents, Kennedy’s staff, Oswald’s older brother, Jackie Kennedy, and Zapruder.”  Abraham Zapruder was the man filming the tragic event from the most advantageous angle, a piece of film that was most sought-after in the wake of the assassination.

Hanks and  his Playtone partner Gary Goetzman will produce, having previously worked together on The Pacific. Parkland will be the directorial debut of Peter Landesman.

It will be interesting to see how far the film goes into conspiracy theory territory, as Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK revelled in every loose end that wasn’t nicely tied in a bow.  That film went a little extreme, but if you haven’t seen any documentaries on the subject, the History Channel has some interesting ones I hope you seek out.

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