Tom Hardy Being Eyed For Jack Ryan Spinoff; Costner Signs On For the Budding Franchise

Posted on August 21, 2012
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Fans of This Means War, rejoice.

Paramount is looking to capitalize on the reboot for Jack Ryan, and they’re doing it over two films.  The studio wants to make two films set in the universe set up in the new film, not unlike The Avengers and the recent Bourne Legacy, and they’re looking to cast the newest Hollywood it-man Tom Hardy to play John Kelly in the film titled Without Remorse.

Being the connective tissue between these films will be another big-name actor: Kevin Costner.

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The character John Kelly has appeared onscreen in Clear and Present Danger played by Willem Defoe and in The Sum of All Fears played by Liev Schreiber.  Hardy would be a great choice to play Kelly, showing a lot of versatility recently.  It will interesting to see if he can pull in an audience.

Here is Amazon’s synopsis for the novel Without Remorse:

Avid readers of Clancy’s bestselling techno-thrillers (The Hunt for Red October et al.) know agent John Kelly, code-named Mr. Clark, as Jack Ryan’s “dark side.” Here, in 1970, Vietnam vet Kelly gets involved in a secret operation to rescue 20 American pilots from a North Vietnamese prison camp. Betrayed by someone in Washington, the mission ends in apparent failure. Clancy balances the military movements with a dark narrative of Kelly’s tragic personal life. While mourning the death of his pregnant wife in a traffic accident, Kelly picks up a young hitchhiker named Pam, a prostitute and drug “mule” fleeing her cruel masters. The pair fall in love and set out to bring down the drug lords, but an error on Kelly’s part leads to Pam’s horrible demise at the hands of the vengeful criminals. After his own recovery from a shotgun blast, Kelly begins methodically to murder his way through the drug ring.

Deadline reports Costner’s character is “William Harper, a true blue American idealist who recruits and mentors both Ryan and John Kelly, the latter of whom becomes the CIA operative Clark by the end of Without Remorse.”  Costner’s deal allows for an option for him to headline his own film, while mentoring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in their films.

Perhaps he will headline a film like Nick Fury did for The Avengers.  With this film set up and Costner appearing in Man of Steel, Costner’s stock may be on the rise.

Paramount must feel pretty good about the upcoming Jack Ryan and are confident people are going to take to it.

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