Warner Bros. Passes On Ron Howard’s Dark Tower

Posted on August 21, 2012
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With what seems to be a serious blow for the film and future of the project, Warner Bros. have passed on producing Ron Howard’s adaptation of the Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

We had just recently heard that Russell Crowe was replacing Javier Bardem and that Howard & Brian Grazer were reassessing the budgetary concerns.

Now they’re back to square one, lending doubt on whether the ambitious project will ever see a lens.

Hit the jump for more details on the future of this project.

In the last installment of this saga, writer Akiva Goldsman was tweaking the script and the studio would decide based on that script.  Now they’ve passed on it.

Howard and Grazer have made a number of films through Universal, and they gave the film a “no,” as well.  But all hope for the project isn’t lost yet.  Deadline reports that Media Rights Capital is in serious discussions to finance the series.

Media Rights Capital is an independent studio specializing in bigger budget films seeking financing outside the studio system.  Their upcoming films include the Wachowski’s great-looking Cloud Atlas and the Matt Damon film Elysium.  

That would be ideal if they could swoop in and give the movie a green light.  All they need to do is give the first film the go and see where it goes from there.

If there’s an audience for it, it will be a no-brainer to make more.

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