Watch: Three-Minute Avengers Deleted Scene Featuring Captain America and Stan Lee

Posted on August 29, 2012
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What’s surely the best deleted scene released thus far, today Marvel released a new three-minute scene from The Avengers featuring Steve Rogers adjusting to his new world.

Cut from The Avengers, the sequence shows Cap watching old war films of himself and considering where his love Peggy Carter is today.  The scene also features a hilarious cameo from Stan Lee, which was probably filmed before the whole bit was cut.  Lee’s cameo was never in jeopardy, as he appeared later in the movie in another scene.

In the scene, Cap (Chris Evans) has an exchange with another familiar face. As he’s peering up at an unfinished Stark Tower, he talks with a waitress (Ashley Johnson) who is actually the woman he saves at the film’s climax. At the film’s end, she’s shaken but touched by his courageousness.

Joss Whedon most likely cut it for pacing issues as it would drag a bit in the context of the film. It is a nice personal touch for the character despite the blatant and distracting product placement.  The themes explored in this scene will no doubt be explored more in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Hit the jump to check out the deleted scene.


The Avengers swoops in on Blu-ray September 25th.

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