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Posted on November 14, 2012
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One of the highlights of my favorite film of 2012 was the eye popping opening title sequence designed by Daniel Kleinman.

Kleinman also deisgned the titles for Casino Royale and The World Is Not Enough as well as Die Another DayTomorrow Never Dies and GoldenEye.

The Adele track which now has been heard by the masses, and is amazing, adds to the funky colors and images – it’s just really pleasing to the eye.

Of course this comes after a stunning opening to Skyfall where Bond is running through Turkey, jumping on trains and riding motorcycles.

Crazy! Enjoy!

Skyfall Titles – Daniel Kleinman from Rattling Stick on Vimeo.

One Response to “WATCH: Opening Title Scene in Skyfall”

  1. Michael C. Goncalves
    December 3, 2012 at 7:59 AM


    I absolutely APPROVE the direction they chose to go with the James Bond Franchise (the clues are so in your face, it’s like looking for all the PAUL IS DEAD clues in a Beatles Alblum). The direction is DECIDEDLY FORWARD, INTO THE PAST!!!

    What was the worst James Bond Movie—the one that almost killed off the Franchise? The Debacle known as the Halley Berrie-Perce Brosnin-Madonna JungleBeat trainwreck (whose name I shall not mention). Everything they could do wrong to James Bond they did in that mess. The Madonna JungleBeat background was almost as bad as Prince’s Badman song for Joker. Halley almost had as much face time as James Bond as a ditzy CIA Agent, there were no Bond Girls of note and they played up the Psychobabble of Bond as a maladjusted socialpath. I hated it all.

    The Last two Craig outtings as James Bond I didn’t care for. Craig was a great choice for Layer Cake but totally wrong for James Bond (too physical, not enough sophistocation). Plus his last too outings were utterly ‘rediculous’. You can’t run full tilt for five miles in ‘Street Shoes’ jumping 40-50′ onto cement floors, crashing through glass windows…Craig’s first two movies were too campy, like mid Rodger Moore films where everything was like a Burt Renyolds ‘in-joke’.

    Everything worked in this flim. The Adele song is pure retro Shirley Basse ‘Diamonds are Forever-ish’. The dreamy title sequence [What makes a James Bond a James Bond film] worked for me—it being my second favourite [My favourite one was with Pierce Brosnin and the Cold War Icons/women smashing Lenin Statutes!!!]] and the script was tight and scene continuiety was very good as was its pacing—I was drawn into the movie ESPECIALLY ON AN IMAX screen!!!

    The script was good but PLEASE, NO MORE ROGUE 007 Agents as main villians—its been done, like, four times already…disgrunted ex employees should file lawsuits, not wreck havoc in the streets of London or the Sooks of Istanbul!!!

    I S-M-I-L-E-D at the little ‘hints’ of the return to Yesteryear. Like the Retro Aston-Martin circa GoldFinger (1964?), I don’t like the black MONEYPENNY and the Asian BondGirl was ‘unmemorable’.

    Again, Without SPOILING THE ENDING, I liked the last 20 seconds. How Bond went through ‘A Mans Man’s Office (Padded black leather door, the new M (a man for a change), etc. It was almost a seriers ‘Restart’ and I look forward to it.


    1. Stay on Target. Bond is a MALE EXCAPIST FANTACY—I would never take a woman to see a Bond Movie. This is the one you go into a bar, hoist a 50 year old Single Malt Scotch or two and then see the movie as I did!!!
    2. Nothing pushes my buttons than the old SEX & Violence. Like having sex in a lion cage or on the back of a COP CAR with LAPD sitting inside—you know, putting your life in danger because you gotta know what the Bond Girl tastes/feels like. Memorable, curvy Bond Girls in slinky silk-Hmmmm!
    3. TOYS. Aint a Bond Movie without toys. Not ‘make up toys but REAL TOYS. Like that new US Army 20mm ‘dial in’ round [Military Channel] that kills everyone in the window but leaves the building intact or an AT&T smart phone with new life saving app (PRODUCT TIE IN)
    4. Keep the Celebriety ‘BondGirl’ wanna bes to an absolute minimum
    5. Tell Craig, it is OK to walk down a hallway and to make twadry double entendre comments.

    Welcome back, Mr. Bond…

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