Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln Take Major Awards From NYFCC

Posted on December 3, 2012
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The New York Film Critics got together today to give their top honors in the year in films. It took almost half a day as we started to get the feel for Oscar frontrunners from the big name critics.

Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty and Steven Sielberg’s Lincoln took home the major awards, but the NYFCC didn’t leave us without some surprises.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Supporting Actor for his dual role in Bernie, which I hated, and Magic Mike, which was somewhat decent. Then Rachel Weisz topped Jessica Chastain for Best Actress for her work in The Deep Blue Sea.

Hit the jump for full results and more.

Take these results with a grain of salt, but it does start to shape the awards picture.

I’ll be seeing Zero Dark Thirty on Thursday and hopefully Django Unchained and Les Miserables in the coming weeks. With those juggernauts out the way we should be able to start giving predictions and assumptions for the gold statues come February.

Here are the full results:

New York Film Critics Circle 2012 Awards

Best Film: Zero Dark Thirty; Kathryn Bigelow

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow; Zero Dark Thirty

Best Screenplay: Tony Kushner; Lincoln

Best Actress: Rachel Weisz; The Deep Blue Sea

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis; Lincoln

Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field; Lincoln

Best Supporting Actor: Matthew McConaughey; Magic Mike & Bernie

Best Cinematography: Greig Fraser; Zero Dark Thirty

Best Non-Fiction Film: Central Park Five; Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon

Best Foreign Language Film: Amour; Michael Haneke

Best Animated Feature: Frankenweenie; Tim Burton

Best First Feature: How To Survive a Plague; David France

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